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Dr. Helen R Sekar
Dr. Helen R Sekar
Senior Fellow
Qualification: M.A., M. Phil., Ph.D.
Phone No: 0120-2412498
; Ext: 239
Email ID: helenrsekar[dot]vvgnli[at]gov[dot]in
Fax : 0120-2412498

Dr. Helen R. Sekar is a Senior Fellow(Faculty) of the V.V. Giri National Labour Institute. She has Post Graduate Degree in Public Administration from Presidency College, Madras and M. Phil and Ph.D. from Madras Christian College, affiliated to the Madras University. Dr. Helen R. Sekar is presently the Coordinator of the National Resource Centre on Child Labour (NRCCL). This work entails a mix of primary and secondary research, advocacy, training, planning, monitoring and evaluation. Her primary specialization, though, being Labour Administration, Labour Legislation and Labour Welfare, drawing on field work in several parts of India, she has conducted research on child labour in hazardous industries such as lock industry, knife industry, brassware industry and match and fireworks. She has developed Project Proposals and managed Development Projects. Her other areas of research include employment of children home-based work, slaughter houses, children at the traffic lights, rag picking children, insecurities and vulnerabilities of Informal sector Vendors, children vending on the streets, implications of HIV/AIDs on child labour and related issues. The focus of her research was the development of theory and empirical evidence on risk, resilience and coping in childhood and children’s economic and social roles and labour dimensions of migrant and trafficked children. Dr. Sekar’s work has also focused on child labour and education, child labour legislation and enforcement, Impact of technological change on the demand of child labour, health and child labour, local governing bodies and child labour. She has coordinated nation-wide evaluation of the National Child Labour Project by the end of both the Ninth Five-year plan and the Tenth plan. She has done a study on Children at Hard Labor in the Farms of United States of America and the Legal Framework: A Critical Analysis. Dr. Helen R. Sekar has done extensive Monitoring, Desk Review, Inspection and Field Review of the National Child Labour Project. She has also coordinated the SAARC conference on child labour. As an experienced Trainer comfortable with simulation work, Dr. Sekar has contributed to the development of teaching and training skills which has meant an extensive interface with Officials of different departments of the Government, UN Organisations, Trade Union, Labour Departments, Teachers’ Association, NGOs, Media, elected representatives of Local Government Institutions, Advocates, Judiciary, Youth Groups including Students of Social Work, NSS and NYK, Project Directors and Field Officials of NCLP. She has been guest faculty on courses organized by various academic and training institutions. Dr. Sekar has been involved in developing curriculum for different Universities in India. Her major books in the recent period include: Hard Labour at Tender Age; Girl Child Labour in the Match Industry of Sivakasi: No Light in Their Lives; Child Labour Legislation in India: A Study in Retrospect and Prospect; and Vulnerability and Insecurities of Informal Sector Workers: A Study of Street Vendors, Forced Child Labour: A Study of Children at the Traffic Lights and co-authored ‘Rehabilitation of Child Labour in India: Lessons Learnt from the Evaluation of National Child Labour Project’. Besides, Dr. Sekar has also prepared many Booklets, Training Packages, Training Manuals, Reports, Compendium and Monographs on the issue of Child Labour. She has published several articles in journals of national and international repute. Dr. Helen R. Sekar is the Editor of ‘Child Hope’, the Quarterly Newsletter on Child Labour. During the past two decades, Dr. Sekar has been actively involved in formulation and implementation of a number of Research, training and Evaluation projects of the International Institute of Labour Studies (IILS), UNICEF, ILO-IPEC, ILO-IPEC-ABSBP, ILO-INDUSCLP, ILO-IPEC-Converging Against Child Labour: Support for India’s Model.