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Research occupies a primary place in the activities of the Institute. The subject of research comprises a broad spectrum of labour-related issues and problems, in both the organised and the unorganised sectors. While deciding the topics of research, care is taken to identify subjects and issues of topical concern and relevance to policy formulation. The Institute continues to place great emphasis on the problems and issues of labour in unorganised and organised sectors in general and the more disadvantaged among these such as child labour, women labour and rural labour, in particular.

Research activities also explore the basic needs of different groups of trainees such as trade union leaders and organisers in both organised and unorganised sectors, managers of public and private sectors, labour administrators, and volunteers of non-governmental organisations. The following ten Centres carry out studies on the major themes related to research:

  • Centre for Labour Market Studies
  • Centre for Employment Relations and Regulations
  • Centre for Agrarian Relations, Rural and Behavioural Studies
  • Centre for National Resource Centre on Child Labour
  • Centre for Integrated Labour History Research Programme
  • Centre for Labour and Health Studies
  • Centre for Gender and Labour Studies
  • Centre for North-East India
  • Centre for Climate Change and Labour


Each centre is guided by a Research Advisory Committee which consists of experts in the respective areas. The Institute’s faculty have been allocated to these Centers in accordance with their specializations, experience and interests.