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Labour & Development Dec 2015

Labour & Development Dec 2015
Editor: Dr. Ruma Ghosh ,
Publisher: V.V. Giri National Labour Institute
Serial No: ISSN 0973-0419
Period: Dec 2015
Book Description

Equity in Healthcare Utilization and Financial Risk Protection: Financial Implications of Illness Among Casual Labour Households
-Anup Karan

Access to and Utilisation of Health Care Services: A Study of NSS 71st Round Data with Special Emphasis on Casual Labour Households
-Subrata Mukherjee and Shiney Chakraborty

Excluded by Health Services: Maternal Health Care Utilisation by Women Construction Labourer in Bhubneswar City, Odisha
-Bhaswati Das and Deepshikha Tarai

Barriers and Gateways of Health Communication for Migrant Workers in the Unorganised Sector
-Jyoti Kakkar

Publicly Financed Health Insurance for the Poor –A Study of RSBY
-Ruma Ghosh

Whether Contractualisation Adds to Health Hazards? A Study of Select Manufacturing Units in Delhi
-Rinju Rasaily

Occupational Health and Safety of Women Workers in Tobacco Processing Units - A Case Study of Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh
-M. Trimurthi Rao

Status of Occupational Health of Workers in Hazardous Industries: An Inquiry into Asbestos and Ship Breaking Industry
-Gopal Krishna

Climate Change, Health and Labour: Exploring Uncertainty
-Manoj Kumar Jena

Jody Heymann (Ed.), Global Inequalities at Work: Work's Impact on the Health of Individuals, Families and Societies, Oxford: Oxford University Press
-Sabina Singh

Book Specification
Title Labour & Development Dec 2015
Editor Dr. Ruma Ghosh
Publisher V.V. Giri National Labour Institute
Period Dec 2015
Serial Number ISSN 0973-0419
Number of Pages 218
Journal Volume 22
Journal Number 2