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Digital Archives

Archives of Indian Labour Click Here

"Archives is to society what memory is to human beings"

Archives of Indian Labour is a dedicated electronic depository of records connected with the history of labour and labour relations of India.

The Archives of Indian Labour has been developed as a part of the on-going Integrated Labour History Research Programme of the V.V. Giri National Labour Institute, set up in collaboration with Association of Indian Labour Historians.

Salient features of the Archives include: Full-fledged Digital Structure; Integrated Multimedia Storage and Retrieval System; Enhanced Public Access; Integration of Historical and Contemporary Records; and Focus on Records of the Unorganised Sector Labour.

The Archives has been developed in order to address the urgent need for preservation of important materials on labour and provider for greater public access of the same.

The Archives have more than 15 gigabytes of digitised archival quality data. The archive, apart from being a repository of sources and documents also builds collections and initiates research in the field of labour history. Documents related to labour movement (generated by workers' organisations, state and business enterprises) are preserved at the archive, in addition to personal narratives, memoirs and video and audio material. The archives combine this effort with an effective public dissemination system of which the offline and on-line access to the digital archives is a major component.

Coordinator: Dr. S.K. Sasikumar