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Centre for International Networking

V.V. Giri National Labour Institute is mandated to forge professional collaborations with major international institutions involved with labour and related issues. Accordingly, the Institute has over the years forged collaborations with institutions like International Labour Organisation (ILO), United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), World Health Organisation (WHO), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), International Institute for Labour Studies (IILS) etc. for undertaking various research and training activities. In the recent past, a number of innovative initiatives have been taken not only to strengthen the collaborations with organizations like ILO, UNDP and UNICEF but also to forge new and longterm collaborations with institutions like Japan Institute of Labour Policy and Training (JILPT), Korea Labour Institute (KLI), International Organisation for Migration (IOM) and International Training Centre (ITC), Turin, Sri Lanka Institute of Labour & Employment, UN Women, IGK Work and Human Lifecycle in Global History, Humboldt University, Germany and Centre for Modern Indian Studies, University of Gottingen, Germany. The major areas of collaborations include: Child Labour: Labour Migration, Social Security, Gender Issues, Skill Development, Labour History, Decent Work and Training Interventions related to Labour.

The Institute is also currently empanelled as a training institution for organizing international training programmes under the ITEC/SCAAP scheme of the Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India. The Institute organized seven international training programmes on major themes like Leadership Development, Labour and Employment Relations in a Globalising Economy, Social Security, Health Protection and Security, Skill Development and Employment Generation, Gender Issues in Labour and Research Methods in Labour Studies.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between V.V. Giri National Labour Institute (VVGNLI) and International Training Centre (ITC) of International Labour Organisation (ILO) Turin, Italy for professional collaboration was signed on October 30, 2012. The purpose of this MOU is to expand the collaboration between the two institutions in training activities to promote decent work for all. The two organisations will work together in areas of mutual interest for activities, inter alia, related to (i) organising collaborative training and education programmes; (ii) developing training modules; and (iii) faculty exchange. Such a collaboration is expected to result in upgradation of technical capacities of both the institutions in responding to the challenges emanating from transformations in the world of work. The collaboration will also aim to evolve V.V. Giri National Labour Institute as a training institution for the SAARC region to begin with and developing it further as an internationally acclaimed centre of excellence in training on labour and related issues.

The Institute is committed to sustain international networking and hopes to forge more long term collaborations with leading international institutions, especially in relation to undertaking collaborative research and training activities, promoting faculty exchange programmes, and organising international/regional workshops and seminars.

For any further information, please contact:
Director General, VVGNLI (dg[dot]vvgnli[at]gov[dot]in)