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Centre for Employment Relations and Regulations


Develop understanding of the changing employment relations in order to help in the formulation of appropriate legal regulation framework and evolving appropriate social protection measures.

Core Areas

The research activities of the centre focus on the following core areas:

  • Trade unions and their role in the emerging socio-economic scenario.
  • Emerging employment relations in the informal and the unorganized sector.
  • Limitations of the existing legal framework in the regulation of employment relations in the unorganized and informal sector.
  • Changes in judicial trend.
  • Social protection to labour.
  • Regulation of minimum wage.
  • Regulation of contract labour and fixed - term employment.
  • International Labour Standards and Labour Regulation

Recently Completed Research Projects

Some of the important research projects initiated and completed by the centre in the recent past include:

  • Conditions of Employment, Work and Service of Faculty in Private Engineering Colleges in India.
  • Regulation of Private Placement Agencies in India
  • ILO Convention 181:Issues and Challenges in the context of Private Placement Agencies in India
  • Evolution of Minimum Wage Policy and Regulatory Framework: An Inter Country Perspective.
  • Labour, Employment and Social Security Issues of Security Guards Engaged by Private Security Agencies: A Case Study of Okhla and Noida.
  • Contract Labour and Judicial intervention.
  • Strengthening Labour Laws in order to Prevent Violations
  • Labour, Employment and Social Security Issues in Education Industry: A Case Study of Private School of Noida.
  • Status of Labour Welfare Measures in the Factories of NOIDA: A Case Study of Garment and Hosiery Industry.

Most of the above mentioned research studies have been published in the form of NLI Research Studies Series.

Research Advisory Group Members

The Centre is having the following distinguished persons as its RAG members for seeking guidance, orientation and direction for carrying out its various activities:

  1. Prof. Mahavir Singh
  2. Dr. Rajan K. E. Varghese
  3. Dr. Kamala Sankaran
  4. Shri H. Mahadevan
  5. Shri B.P. Pant

Centre Co-ordinator