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Training & Education

The V.V. Giri National Labour Institute is committed to promote a better understanding of labour problems and to find various avenues to tackle them. To achieve this, the Institute, through its varied activities attempts to provide education with regard to labour issues in an integrated manner. The research activities, among other things, explore the basic needs of different groups, such data as are generated in research activities are used for designing new training programmes and modifying existing ones. Constant feedback from the participants is used for updating the training curriculum as well as redesigning training modules.

Educational and training programmes of the institute may be viewed as potential vehicles of structural change in labour relations. They can help generate a more positive attitude for the promotion of harmonious industrial relations. In the rural areas, the programmes attempt to develop leadership at the grassroot level that can build and support independent organisations to look after the interests of the rural labour. Training programmes equally emphasize attitudinal change, skill development and enhancement of knowledge.

The training programmes use an appropriate mix of audio-visual presentation, lectures, group discussions, case studies and behavioural science techniques. Apart from the Institute’s faculty, guest faculty are also invited to strengthen the training programmes.

The Institute offers education and training to the following groups:

  • Labour Administrators and officials of the Central and State Governments and of foreign countries;
  • Managers and Officers of the public and private sector industries,
  • Trade union leaders and organisers of the organised and unorganised sectors, and
  • Researchers, trainers, field workers and others concerned with labour issues.

The Labour Administration Programmes
These are designed for Labour Administrators and Officers of the Central and the State Governments. The programmes cover a wide range of subjects on labour administration, conciliation, labour welfare and enforcement. These are residential programmes held either at the Institute or at selected centres of the country.

The Industrial Relations Programmes
Under these programmes attempts are made to cover both the conceptual and practical areas of IR and disciplinary systems. They introduce senior managers, HR officers and trade unions to participatory management for better interaction among the government, employers and the unions. The programmes are held at various centres of the country to enable participation from all regions.

Capacity Building Programmes
These programmes are designed to develop trainers in the field of labour. In addition, these programmes are for workers and organisers of both industrial and rural trade unions. Some of these programmes are held at different centres of the country to ensure larger participation.

Child Labour Programmes
These programmes are conducted to develop capabilities of individuals, groups and organisations working towards the elimination of child labour. These groups include officials of various Government Departments, Teachers Associations, NGOs, Employers, Trade Unions, PRIs, NCLP Teachers and Officials, etc.

Research Methods Programmes
These programmes are designed to help young teachers and researchers in universities/ colleges and research institutions as well as professionals in government organisations to pursue their interests in labour research and policy.

Labour and Health Programmes
These programmes are designed to sensitise different target groups such as Labour Administration, representatives of trade unions, employers, health officials and NGOs to understand the implication of globalisation and labour market transformations on the health security of workers.

North Eastern States Training Programmes
The Institute lays great emphasis on programmes specially designed for Labour Administrators, Trade Union Leaders, NGOs and other stakeholders to address key issues related to labour & employment in the North Eastern Region.

International Training Programmes
International Training Programmes are designed for officials from Government Departments, Institutions, Employer’s Organisations and others from the developing countries under ITEC/ SCAAP programme of the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India

Collaborative Training Programmes
The Institute with its limited resources located at one place cannot cope with the training needs of the country. Moreover, it cannot adequately address all the needs and problems of labour keeping in mind the vastness of the area and the regional and sectoral disparities of the labour markets. In this context, a proper integration of the activities of the labour institutions and organisations with similar objectives will help to overcome the aforesaid drawbacks. The Institute has, therefore, initiated a number of steps to institutionalise the networking mechanisms with State Labour Institutes and other institutions with similar objectives in the field of both training and research.

One of the mandates of the Institute is to provide consultancy services to the industry on their problems of industrial relations and related matters. Consultancy does not only provide a practical edge to the research of the Institute but is also a source of revenue. Consultancy assignments include in-company training, diagnostic research and internal change programmes, both in public and private enterprises. Such efforts have concentrated on promoting organisational development, workers’ participation and harmonious industrial relations in large organisations.