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Awards Digest Apr-June 2016

Awards Digest Apr-June 2016
Publisher: V.V. Giri National Labour Institute
Serial No: ISSN 0973-0427
Period: April-2016 to June-2016
Book Description

1. Model Policy Guidelines for Fixed-Term Employment Contract
~Sanjay Upadhyaya

2. Role of Communications in Sound Management of Labour Relations
~Surendra Nath

3. Decisions of the Supreme Court

3.1 Bilaspur Raipur Kshetriya Gramin Bank and Anr v Madanlal Tandon, 2015 Lab IC 3786
3.2 A. Prabhakara Reddy & Co. V State of Madhya Pradesh & Ors, 2015 Lab IC 3651
3.3 Saroj Kumar v Union of India & ors, 2015 Lab IC 3662
3.4 Umrala Gram Panchayat v The Secretary, Municipal Employees Union & ors, 2015 Lab IC 3765
3.5 Madras Institute of Development Studies & another v Dr. K. Sivasubramaniyan and other, 2015 Lab IC 3757
3.6 Shri Talukdar Singh v Tata Engineering & Locomotive Co Ltd, 2015 Lab IC 3756

4. Decisions of the High Courts

4.1 The General Manager, UCO Bank & Anr v Shri Jitendra Kumar Shrivastava, 2016 Lab IC 770 (CG)
4.2 St. Xavier’s H. S. School, Ambikapur, Versus State of Chhattisgarh and ors, 2016 Lab IC 824 (CG)
4.3 UOI through the Secretary Ministry of Defence v Shri Anil Kumar & ors, 2015 Lab IC 4584 (Del)
4.4 Indira Gandhi National Open University v Union of India & anr, 2015 Lab IC 3908 (Del)
4.5 Shri Lalthankima vs. The State of Mizoram and ors, 2016 Lab IC 816
4.6 Bhavnagar District Panchayat and Anr v Pallaviben Tulsibhai Patel & Anr, 2015 Lab IC 3771 (Guj)
4.7 Vijay Sood v Central University of HP, 2016 Lab IC 610 (HP-DB)
4.8 Union of India & ors v Central Administrative Tribunal & Anr, 2016 Lab IC 774 (HP-DB)
4.9 Samriti Gupta and Anr vs. State of H.P., 2016 Lab IC 1131 (HP-DB)
4.10 Krishna District Milk Producers Mutually Aided Co-op Union v State of Andhra Pradesh & ors, 2016 Lab IC 755 (Hyd)
4.11 Abhay Chandra Jha vs. Punjab National Bank & ors, 2016 Lab IC 843 (Pat)
4.12 Dr. Pramod Kumar v Union of India, 2016 Lab IC 881 (Tri)

Book Specification
Title Awards Digest Apr-June 2016
Editor Dr. Sanjay Upadhyaya
Associate Editor Dr. Otojit Kshetrimayum
Publisher V.V. Giri National Labour Institute
Period April-2016 to June-2016
Serial Number ISSN 0973-0427
Number of Pages 46
Journal Volume XXXXII
Journal Number 4-6