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Awards Digest May-Aug 2014

Awards Digest May-Aug 2014
Publisher: V.V. Giri National Labour Institute
Serial No: ISSN 0973-0427
Period: May-2014 to August-2014
Book Description

1. Regulatory Framework for Issues Concerning Conditions of Employment, Work and Service of Faculty in Private Educational Institutions with a Focus on Private Engineering Colleges in India
~Dr. Sanjay Upadhyaya

2. Decisions of the Supreme Court

2.1 Dr. Purshottam Kumar Kaundal v. State of H.P. & ors., 2014 Lab IC 1338
2.2 Hari Nandan Prasad & anr v. Employer I/R Management of FCI and anr, 2014 Lab IC 1374
2.3 Secretary to Government, School Education Department, Chennai v. Thiru R. Govindaswamy, 2014 Lab IC 1387
2.4 Oriental Bank of Commerce & ors. v. S.S. Sheokand & Anr, 2014 Lab IC 1393
2.5 Vijay S. Sathaye v. Indian Airlines Ltd. & Anr, 2014 Lab IC 1505 21
2.6 U.T. Chandigarh & ors v. Gurcharan Singh & Anr, 2014 Lab IC 1564
2.7 State of West Bengal & ors v. Sankar Ghosh, 2014 Lab IC 1579

3. Decisions of the High Courts

3.1 Prashob Balakrishnan P. v. Senior Labour Inspector, Bangalore, 2013 Lab IC 1496 (Karn.)
3.2 Muthapa Shivary Teli v. State of Karnataka, 2014 Lab IC 835 (Karn.)
3.3 Commandant, 19th Bn, Central Reserve Police Force, Churachandpur v. P. Yasin, 2014 Lab IC 410 (Mad.-DB)
3.4 P. Karunakaran v. The Union of India & ors, 2014 Lab IC 146 (Mad.-DB)
3.5 S. Saravanam v. The Secretary to Government & ors, 2014 Lab IC 937 (Mad.-DB) - Madurai Bench
3.6 W. Birbal Singh v. The State of Manipur and ors, 2014 Lab IC 1460 (Manipur-DB)
3.7 Dr. Prahallad C. Samal v. Union of India. 2014 Lab IC 10 (Orr.-DB)
3.8 Kishori Prasad v. State of Bihar. 2014 Lab IC 402 (Patna-DB)
3.9 Randeep Murmur v. State of Bihar. 2014 Lab IC 784 (Patna-DB)
3.10 Jagannath Rai v. The State of Bihar & ors, 2014 Lab IC 1210 (Patna-DB)
3.11 M/s. Hotel Kalyan v. Regional Director, E.S.I Corporation and Anr., 2014 Lab IC 1154 (Raj.)
3.12 Union of India and Anr v. Harish Chandra Singh, 2014 Lab IC 1192 (Raj.-DB)
3.13 Amal Barua v. State of Tripura, 2014 Lab IC 14 (Tripura)

Book Specification
Title Awards Digest May-Aug 2014
Patron Shri Partha Pratim MITRA
Editor Dr. Sanjay Upadhyaya
Associate Editor Dr. Sanjay Upadhyaya
Dr. Dhanya M B
Publisher V.V. Giri National Labour Institute
Period May-2014 to August-2014
Serial Number ISSN 0973-0427
Number of Pages 7
Journal Volume XXXX
Journal Number 5-8