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Online Workshop on Future of Work : Navigating Transformations Effectively

Course Details:
Course Title Online Workshop on Future of Work : Navigating Transformations Effectively
Course Aim Driven by various mega trends – technological advancements, demographic transition and globalisation – the world of work has been experiencing massive transformations in the last two to three decades. In this crucial and evolving phase of the world of work, COVID-19 heralds unprecedented challenges, particularly in terms of even safeguarding jobs and incomes of the people. Nuanced understanding and analysis of the ongoing transformations in the world of work, on the one hand, and the ramifications of the COVID-related crisis in the labour and employment scenario, on the other, help us to identify some of the major pathways that may be navigated by the public policies related to labour in order to ensure a favourable and brighter future of work. It is also very obvious that we need collective action and proactive involvement of all concerned stakeholders, ranging from the government, employers and trade unions to researchers and civil society organisations, to respond to the challenges of change. It is against this background that the V.V. Giri National Labour Institute is organising this training programme on the ‘Future of Work: Navigating Transformations Effectively’ with the following specific objectives.
Course Objective Analyse the major contours of the future of work Trace technological changes and their impacts on and implications for work and work relations Examine the major labour market implications of COVID-19 and assess the responses of various stakeholders Delineate the components of the major pathways to ensure a brighter and equitable future of work.
Course Profile Transformations in the World of Work; Technological Changes and Jobs; Labour Regulations and New Forms of Employment; COVID and Labour; Future of Work.
Methodology This training will be delivered in an online mode. The training will primarily make use of lectures, case studies and experience sharing. It will also include group discussions and thus be participative in nature.
Participation Level Government officials concerned with employment issues; Representatives from trade unions; employers’ associations; and civil society organisations engaged in the issues related to employment generation; Researchers specialising on employment and related areas.
Faculty Dr. Dhanya M. B, Fellow dhanyamb[dot]vvgnli[at]gov[dot]in
Date From 13-12-2022 to 14-12-2022
Training Details Domestic Training Programmes
Venue Online Workshop
Course Director Dr. Dhanya M B
Download Course Info Download Course Info (Online Workshop on Future of Work.pdf)
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