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Labour & Development Dec 2014

Labour & Development Dec 2014
Editor: Dr. S.K. Sasikumar ,
Publisher: V.V. Giri National Labour Institute
Serial No: ISSN 0973-0419
Period: Dec 2014
Book Description

Poverty and Women’s Livelihood in Kerala: A Comparison of Two Sites
-Vinoj Abraham & J. Devika

Maximising Developmental Outcomes of International Labour Migration and Remittances: The South Asia–Gulf Experience
-S.K. Sasikumar

Methods, Criteria and Norms for Determination of Minimum Wage: An Inter Country Perspective
-Sanjay Upadhyaya

Workers’ Associations in a Public Sector Undertaking: Civic or Political Action?
-Aardra Surendran

Regulating Slavery in Colonial India
-Akanksha Narayan Singh

Casualisation of Employment in the Indian Textile Industry
-Bindu Oberoi

On-The-Job Search in India: Some Macro Findings
-Krishna M. and Bino Paul G.D.

Book Specification
Title Labour & Development Dec 2014
Patron Shri Partha Pratim MITRA
Editor Dr. S.K. Sasikumar
Associate Editor Dr. Ruma Ghosh

Dr. Otojit Kshetrimayum
Publisher V.V. Giri National Labour Institute
Period Dec 2014
Serial Number ISSN 0973-0419
Number of Pages 172
Journal Volume 21
Journal Number 2