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Leadership Development Programme for rural Trade union Leaders

Course Details:
Course Title Leadership Development Programme for rural Trade union Leaders
Course Aim The programme aims at empowering the emerging trade union leaders from rural unorganised sector
Course Objective
  • To provide an overview of the issues in the rural unorganised sector in India;
  • To  develop/sharpen  skills  of  rural  trade  union  leaders  to  understand,  study  and analyze rural society;
  • To provide insights into dynamics of interpersonal and intergroup relationships;
  • To discuss various issues and aspects related to organisation building;
  • To create an awareness about legal rights and provisions;
  • To develop critical awareness of prospective leaders about various social protection and employment policies;
  • To make the participants aware about the emerging techniques of organizing rural workers; and
  • To help in locating the resources at the micro and macro level.
Course Profile Changing statistical profile of farm and non-farm sectors; evolution of society and class formation in rural India and its implications for organising rural workers; value of positive attitude, labour laws; motivational styles and leadership skills.
Methodology Lecture, Structured Group Exercise and Simulation Games
Participation Level State and District Level Trade Union Representatives working in the Rural Unorganised Sector Central Trade Union Organisations
Faculty External Resource persons from Central Trade Unions and in-house faculty
Date From 04-04-2016 to 08-04-2016
Training Details Domestic Training Programmes
Venue V.V. Giri National Labour Institute, NOIDA
Course Director Dr. Ellina Samantroy Jena , Dr. Sanjay Upadhaya , Mr. Priyadarsan Amitav Khuntia