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Online Leadership Development Programme for Women Officials

Course Details:
Course Title Online Leadership Development Programme for Women Officials
Course Aim

This training programme on ‘leadership development programme for women officials’ will train the participants to discover how to adjust your management style through leadership and how to manage people. Leadership skill practice uses role plays, exercise and practice sessions; using leadership models along with interactive activities results to achieve team success and a well-respected manager.

Course Objective
  • Examine managerial style and increase self-awareness through leadership style.
  • Develop skills for negotiation, communication, leadership, interpersonal skills and time management.
  • Learn how to set priorities, how to control chaos in the workplace and make decisions under pressure.
  • Learn practical technique to manage and understand how emotions affect your job performance.
  • Develop your analytical skill through research and information.
  • Learn assertiveness techniques for survival and advancement and develop the best strategic planning process.
Course Profile

Leadership skills, decision making, time management, management skills, assertiveness techniques, communication strategies, better work relationship, techniques to manage emotions and project management skills.

Methodology This interactive workshop would be for Government Officials, Researchers and Representatives from Employers and Workers Organisations.
Participation Level

Women Management Personnel and Representatives of Trade Unions/Associations/Federations from Public Sector, Private Sector Undertakings and Government Organizations.

Faculty Dr. Dhanya M.B., Associate Fellow, VVGNLI Email: dhanyamb[dot]vvgnli[at]gov[dot]in
Date From 22-09-2021 to 24-09-2021
Fee Rs. 4500+18% GST/- per participant
Training Details Domestic Training Programmes
Venue Online Training Programme
Course Director Dr. Dhanya M B
Download Course Info Download Course Info (Online Leadership Development Programme for Women Officials, September 22-24, 2021.pdf)
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