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Online Training Programme on Social Media Management

Course Details:
Course Title Online Training Programme on Social Media Management
Course Aim To empower participants with a thorough grasp of social media principles, tools &techniques, and best practices, enabling them to skilfully devise, implement, and assess effective strategies.
Course Objective Get foundational Understanding of social media platforms, their features, and their role in contemporary communication with reference to development communication. Develop social media strategies aligned with organizational goals, target audiences, and key performance indicators (KPIs). Equip participants with advanced social media insights, strategies to handle potential social media crises. Raise awareness of legal and ethical responsibilities related to social media management. Encourage participants to stay updated with evolving social media trends, experiment with new tools and features, and adapt strategies to capitalize on emerging opportunities.
Course Profile Contextualizing the Importance of Social media in the contemporary role, Social Media Platforms, Tools and Advanced Social Media Insights. Social Media for Good Governance, Effective Use of Social Media to reach out Youth, Women and Disadvantaged Groups, Inter Organisational Coordination and Communication, Responsible Social Media Management, Strategies, Good Practice.
Methodology This training will be delivered in an online mode. The training will primarily make use of lectures and discussions, followed by questions and answers. Each session will be based on a structured Power Point Presentation.
Participation Level Social Media Professionals Handling Social Media of Ministries/Departments, Educational & Training Institutions, National and International Development Organisations, Young and Aspiring Professionals.
Faculty Mr. P. Amitav Khuntia, Associate Fellow p[dot]amitav[dot]vvgnli[at]gov[dot]in
Date From 15-01-2024 to 16-01-2024
Training Details Domestic Training Programmes
Venue Online
Course Director Mr. Priyadarsan Amitav Khuntia
Download Course Info Download Course Info (Online TP on social media management from Jan 15-16, 2024.pdf)
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