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Towards Generating Quality Employment: Challenges and Options

Course Details:
Course Title Towards Generating Quality Employment: Challenges and Options
Course Aim Employment, in its quantitative and more pertinently in its qualitative aspects, is one of the central concerns of public policy. While employment creation remains a crucial long term policy goal, it is now emerging as one of the most important policy instruments for tackling economic slowdown. Employment is not only a macroeconomic phenomena – its importance and social and individual level is far greater. Employment remains the foremost means for providing social security and tackling insecurities at the individual level. It is in this context that this programme addresses various dimensions related to generation of quality employment as a means to achieve the national goal of sustainable and inclusive growth.
Course Objective
  • Examine the linkages between employment, economic growth and development.
  • Analyse emerging trends in employment.
  • Share good practices on quality employment generation.
  • Discuss strategies to evolve quality employment as a catalyst for achieving the national goal sustainable and inclusive growth
Course Profile Linkages between Employment, Growth and Development; Emerging Trends in Employment; Key Pillars of Quality Employment Generation; Good Practices in Employment Generation; Strategies to Situate Employment as a Central Concern of Public Policy
Methodology Lecture, Interactive Sessions, Discussions and Case Studies
Participation Level Government officials dealing with employment issues; Researchers specialising on employment; Representatives from Trade Unions, Employers and Civil Society Organisations engaged in the issues related to employment generation
Faculty Faculty members from the Institute, senior level labour administrators and key functionaries of trade unions and employers’ associations.
Date From 16-08-2016 to 19-08-2016
Training Details Domestic Training Programmes
Venue V.V. Giri National Labour Institute, NOIDA
Course Director