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Training Programme on Future of Work and Social Protection of Workers

Course Details:
Course Title Training Programme on Future of Work and Social Protection of Workers
Course Aim The growing diversification of work arrangements has become a distinct feature of today’s labour markets. Over the years it has been seen that automation and digitalization have transformed several traditional forms of employment and also led to the emergence of several new forms of employment, such as the ‘platform’ economy. As the world of work continues to evolve, shaped by global trends such as digitalisation, automation and globalisation, as well as socio-demographic changes, social protection systems will need to adapt to changing contexts and demands. While some emerging work and employment arrangements may provide greater flexibility for workers and employers, they may also lead to significant gaps in social protection coverage. It is therefore necessary to strengthen and adapt a social protection system that would address the gaps and changes. A strong social protection system plays a key role in preventing poverty, reducing inequality, enhancing income security and enabling workers and their families to better navigate work and life transitions..
Course Objective Trace the transformations in the labour market and understand its implications in terms of social protection of workers; Understand the innovative policy responses that countries have put forward to better adapt their social protection systems to evolving demands in a changing world; Review and highlight the policy options in the Indian context through the recent Code on Social Security, 2020.
Course Profile New forms of employment; future of work; understanding the gaps in gaps in social protection coverage; innovative policy responses on social protection systems lectures, individual and group presentations, sharing case studies.
Participation Level Officials from government departments, Labour Officers, Trade Union Leaders and academicians working on this area.
Faculty Dr. Ruma Ghosh
Date From 23-05-2022 to 27-05-2022
Training Details Domestic Training Programmes
Venue V.V.Giri National Labour Institute, Sector-24, NOIDA- 20l301, Distt. Gautam Budh Nagar Uttar Pradesh
Course Director Dr. Ruma Ghosh
Download Course Info Download Course Info (programme on Future of work and social protection of workers from May 23-27 , 2022.pdf)
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