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Capacity Building Programme on Leadership Development

Course Details:
Course Title Capacity Building Programme on Leadership Development
Course Aim The Programme aims at empowering the emerging trade union leaders from rural unorganized sector.
Course Objective The programme is specifically being organised by the Institute in order to achieve following main objectives:- 1-To provide an overview about the rural unorganised sector in India. 2- To develop the skills of rural trade union leaders to understand and analyse rural society. 3- To discuss issues related to effective organisation building. 4- To develop the capacity of the participants through various behavioural approaches. 5- To sensitize the participants on the legal rights and provisions for workers. 6- To understand and analyse various social security provisions for the workers.
Course Profile Understanding Rural Society and Empowering Rural Workers, Leadership Skills for Organisation Building, Communication Skills for effective leadership, Overview of Labour Laws and challenges in labour administration, Social security and social protection.
Methodology Lectures, Group Work, Simulation games, Role playing etc
Participation Level State and District Level Rural Trade Union Representatives from Central Trade Unions working in the Rural Unorganised Sector. For the welfare of vulnerable and marginalized groups of the society, we will appreciate if participants from reserved categories (SC/ST) are also nominated.
Faculty Dr. Shashi Bala
Date From 28-02-2022 to 03-03-2022
Training Details Domestic Training Programmes
Venue V. V. Giri National Labour Institute Sector –24, NOIDA –201301
Course Director Dr. Shashi Bala
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