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Online Training Programme on Skill, Technology and Future of Work

Course Details:
Course Title Online Training Programme on Skill, Technology and Future of Work
Course Aim The Programme aims to acquaint the participants from with the knowledge, challenges and prospects of skill and technology in the world of work and manage business, work, professional excellence holistically in the context of future of work challenges and Fourth Industrial Revolution.
Course Objective i) to understand the work dynamics in the emerging global, national and regional Economic Scenario (ii) to situate the importance of effective and holistic management of business and work in light the of technological transformation and future of work challenges (iii) to familiarize the participants with new avenues, policy response and initiatives (iv) to highlight the role of Leadership/Managerial/Entrepreneurial skills in managing future of work (v) to enable the participants to play larger role along with enhancing individual capacity.
Course Profile Understanding Labour Market Dynamics , Skill and Technology from Global, national and regional perspectives, Future of Work Challenges, Major Effects of the Industry 4.0, Digital Future of Work, Preparedness and Prospects in the context of Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Robotics, Nanotechnology and other socio-economic factors replacing the need for human workers, Changing Work Environment and new Paradigm of Employee Employer Relationships, Technology led job growth and gender impact, Skill Loss, Skill Gap and Sector Specific Skills, Preparedness for Employment, Employability, Productivity &Human Development, Entrepreneurial Efficiency, Prospects of Green Jobs, Skilling ,Up skilling and Reskilling, Skill and Talent Management, Policy Response, Case Study/Good Practices, Enhancing Behavioural Capability.
Methodology Lectures, Audio Visual Presentations, Group Exercises, Case-Studies and Experience Sharing.
Participation Level Representatives from Industries/Corporates, Entrepreneurs and Government Functionaries
Faculty Mr. Amitav Khuntia priyadarsanamitavkhuntia[at]gmail[dot]com
Date From 28-03-2023 to 29-03-2023
Training Details Domestic Training Programmes
Venue Online Training Programme
Course Director Mr. Priyadarsan Amitav Khuntia
Download Course Info Download Course Info (Brochure - Online Skill, Technology - March 28-29, 2023.pdf)
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