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May, 2019

Duration :
06/05/2019 to 10/05/2019

To enhance personal and collective skills needed for effective leadership by way of
experiential learning for individual and group leadership.

Duration :
13/05/2019 to 17/05/2019

The programme aims at equipping the participants with the context of labour
legislation and recent labour jurisprudence.

Duration :
13/05/2019 to 17/05/2019

The programme aims at empowering Rural Organizers from Central Trade Unions

Duration :
20/05/2019 to 23/05/2019

The main objective of the course is to enhance the capacity of participants to
understand wage policy and minimum wage issues of India and help contribute to the
design, setting and implementation of wage policies at the national and state level. The
course will also discuss ILO standards and global best practices relating to minimum
wage system. The course will also provide opportunity to the participants to have
intensive interface with policy makers and scholars on the subject of wage policies.

Duration :
27/05/2019 to 31/05/2019

The programme aims at enriching the knowledge of the participants about the concept,
importance and inevitability of convergence in the policies and programme
implementation and build synergies with government agencies, partnership with
stakeholders and social partners for its effectiveness to address Labour and
Development Issues.

April, 2019

Duration :
01/04/2019 to 05/04/2019

To enhance organisation building capacity of activists of beedi workers unions

Duration :
08/04/2019 to 19/04/2019

The course aims at acquainting the participants with the emerging labour issues for
research in an interdisciplinary framework, strengthening their knowledge with various
methods used in labour research, thereby enabling them to contribute further in the field
of labour research.